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Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Separated the Mixture

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1.      1.  Filtering (Penyaringan): Filtering can be used to separate solids with liquidsUsefulness of screeningdepends on the size of the filteradapted to  the substances that will be in separate.filter used to separate sandand gravel filter is different from that used to filter milk from the pulp. Laboratory filtration using filter paper.Filtering can also be used to separate mixture of several substance that have different solubility in water.

2.     2. Evaporazing ( Penguapan): basic separation by evaporation is the difference in the ability of the substancevaporized substances in solution. for example separating sugar from the solution.

3.  3.Destilation (Penyulingan): Distillation process consists of two stages so that boiling water is evaporated,then condensation of water vapor that condenses back.Simple distillation can we do at homeSuppose wewant to separate the water from the tea solutionHeat water in a tea kettle on the stove, allow it to continue toboilThen the water vapor coming out of the mouth kettles condenses with plate glassCollect thecondensation of vapor condensation water. Water result was called distilled waterDistilled water is purenot mixed with a solution of tea anymore.

4.     4.Sublimation (Penyubliman): Separation of the mixture by sublimation done if there are subliming solidsmixed with a substance that can not be subliming. Examples of substances that are easily subliming camphor,iodineand caffeine.

5.      5.Chromatograph (Perambatan): Chromatography is a process for separating a mixture of colored materials. Separation by chromatography performed on a mixture that has a speed difference between the solutepropagates with the mediumIn everyday life chromatographic separation can you see in black ink seepage onwet paper.

6.       6.Fractional destillation ( Penyulingan bertingkat): To separate the two types of fluids that are equally volatile ordifficult to be purified until it reaches a high purity level is done by distillation riseDistillation actually rise is adistillation process repeated. Examples of multilevel distillation separation of alcohol-water mixtures.

7.       7.Dekantation (Pengendapan): An agent will have precipitated a different pace in different solutionsWhen in a mixture containing one or several substances with different sedimentation velocitywe can perform the separation of the mixture by centrifugation method.

8.       8.Magnetism (kemagnetan): used to separate the magnetic and non magnetic materials.for example separation of mixtures
iron powder of sulfur
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