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Kamis, 27 September 2012

10 Greatest Football Players in the World

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10 Greatest Football Players in the World


Pertaining to the best footballer in the world, you know some of them deserve to be admired and to be a role model Because of her physical figure is almost perfect. Well, at least 10 names players will make you change your mind and ngefans with football matches.


1. Pele (Brazil)


Pele Appeared first in the World Cup in 1958 as a young player was 17 years old. He scored his first goal in the World Cup while playing against Wales in the quarter-finals, his second game in the World Cup. When he was only stepping 17 years 239 days, Pele was named the youngest scorer in World Cup history. The greatness of the more noticeable when Pele scored a hat-trick in the semi-final against France. Until now, the 1958 World Cup in Sweden remembered as the beginning of the career of the legend. No Exaggeration to dub it if FIFA as the King of Football.

Has scored eight goals in one game in 1964, Pele also listed himself as a player who had scored five goals six times in one game, 30 times quattrick, and no less than 92 times a hat trick. Throughout his career, Pele recorded 1281 goals in 1363 games.

2. Diego Armando Maradona (Argentina)

It was none other than Maradona soccer player who worshiped like God. For most people, Maradona is the greatest player of all time and not Pele, who earned the title officially by FIFA.

Although his life was filled controversy, ranging from the Hand of God goal, the use of alcohol and drugs, and eventually be expelled from the 1994 World Cup, Maradona was always adored by fans.
1986 Mexico World Cup is the best moment with a few moments that can not be forgotten. Best moments of course when Maradona dribble the ball from midfield past five English players before scoring a goal that was later called as the best goal of all time.

Goals scored against England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup is so beautiful, and it was the best moment of his career which makes it considered God by some people who founded the Church of Maradona's Argentina.

Everyone will always remember the words spoken by the commentators crying Victor Hugo Morales when the most beautiful goals of all time, "Gracias, Dios. Por el futbol, Maradona por, por estas Lagrimas .. (Thank you, Lord, for football, for Maradona, and to tear it ..) "

3. Franz Beckenbauer (Germany)

In history, there are only two people that won the World Cup as a player and coach, namely Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer, nicknamed Der Kaizer or more legendary emperor because he is regarded as the best defender in history as a player.

Successful Beckenbauer led West Germany won the World Cup in 1974, just three years after being selected as a team captain. In the final World Cup Beckenbauer is also noted as the first captain to lift the World Cup with a new design, succeeding Jules Rimet trophy permanently owned by Brazil in 1970.

At the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Beckenbauer lifted the World Cup again, this time as coach of the German national team. Earlier in the 1986 World Cup, Beckenbauer was also successfully brought Germany into the final and eventually defeated by Argentina with the icon, Diego Maradona. It was the legendary achievements will be difficult to be repeated by any German person, who knows how long.

4. Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)

If there is a question of who is the greatest legend of the Netherlands in the World Cup, the best answer is certainly not Marco van Basten or Ruud Gullit, but Johan Cruyff. Cruyff led the Netherlands was never even won one tournament in his career. Greatest success just brought his team was runner-up 1974 World Cup, the only World Cup of her career.

However, its presence in the tournament and its success led the Netherlands to the highest place in the history of their participation in the World Cup with a game total football which is very powerful it makes the figure Cruyff feels worthy juxtaposed with legends such as Pele, Diego Maradona and Franz Beckenbauer.

His vision and creativity remarkable as the team playmaker Oranje took Cruyff became one of the greatest players the World Cup. Total Football, a beautiful attacking game that brought the Dutch in 1974 it was that helped legendary to this day. He is the greatest legend Netherlands to date, and the total football that leads will never be forgotten.

5. Michel Platini (France)

You know, the French failed to appear at two consecutive World Cups, the 1970 and 1974? Yes, it roosters team always failed to qualify for the World Cup finals since 1966, until a Michel Platini who wore jersey number 10 and plays as a playmaker in the French national team to bring his country qualify for the World Cup back in 1978.

Platini also carrying French achievement quite encouraging in the next two World Cups, the 1982 World Cup and the 1986 World Cup. With its ability to read the game, high technique, and the sharpness in front of goal, Platini won the French took fourth place 1982 World Cup and third in the 1986 World Cup.

Since the presence of French Platini also considered as one of the dangerous teams in Europe, especially after the success in bringing France into the European champion in 1984. Although Platini not managed to lift the World Cup title in his career, but Platini still regarded as one of the legendary World Cup.

6. Ferenc Puskas (Hungary)

Ferenc Puskas was the best player he ever had in Hungary, the ruler of world football in the early 1950s. Tim, who was nicknamed the "Magical Magyars" This is one of the best teams ever in the world, but sadly never won the World Cup.

The only World Cup with the Hungarian Puskas was followed by the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. At that time, Hungary is one of the favorite team champions. The main strength of Hungary at that time was a scary front line, especially the star Ferenc Puskas.
Despite his less stocky and strong in the air, his goal record with the national team is really incredible, 83 goals from 84 appearances.

At the 1954 World Cup, the Hungarian made ​​the final and challenge that the allowance defeated Germany 8-3. Almost everyone believes Hungary will win this easily in the final. However, in reality they have to accept a 3-2 defeat despite a two-goal lead early in the first game.

Which Puskas was not 100 percent match fit because of injuries to score a goal. Although it had to swallow a huge failure, Hungary should be proud that Puskas was recognized as one of the best players in the history of the World Cup.

7. Ronaldo (Brazilian)

This is the best the Brazilian striker in the last two decades. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima or commonly known as Ronaldo is the holder of the record scorer in the World Cup so far.

First appeared in the 1994 World Cup as a young man 17 years old, Ronaldo reached its peak at the World Cup in 2002 when Brazil went on to become world champions for the fifth time. Ronaldo became a star tournament, posting eight goals to earn the gold shoes is a symbol scorer.

Ronaldo recorded his name in World Cup history when scoring a goal in the last 16 matches of the World Cup 2006 Brazil against Ghana. The goal is a goal to Ronaldo-15 World Cup, breaking the record of 14 goals Gerd Mueller has survived for more than three decades.

In addition, he was listed as the 20th player who can score goals in the World Cup on three occasions, and the second player after Juergen Klinsmann who can score at least three goals in each of the World Cup on three occasions. Nothing wrong if people referred to him as the phenomenon.

8. Lothar Matthaeus (Germany)

Lothar Matthaeus is the record holder for most appearances in the World Cup, the 25 games in five consecutive World Cup. He is the only player, other than Mexico goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal, who was able to play in five World Cups throughout his career.

Although its role is not too pronounced in the 1982 World Cup, Matthaus an important player for Germany in the World Cup 1986. Beckenbauer, who was a coach entrust the German midfield position filled by Matthaeus, who was neck and neck with Felix Magath in the position.

Germany successfully brought advanced to the finals before finally demolished Argentina 3-2. Disappointing indeed, but that's early success Matthaeus. Being a captain since 1987, successfully brought Matthaeus Germany won the 1990 World Cup.

German success is not separated from Matthaeus central role in midfield, and the results are rewarded Matthaeus various individual awards such as Player of Germany 1990, European Footballer of the 1990 and 1990 World Player. One year later, he became the first player to win FIFA World Player.

9. Eusebio (Portugal)

Long before the era of Luis Figo especially Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal have named a legend Eusebio. Excess players are nicknamed the Black Panther dribelnya acceleration and the like cats, coupled with his ability to shoot the ball into the goal.

Born in Mozambique, Eusebio may be cited as the greatest player he ever had in Portugal to date thanks to the triumphant appearance at the 1966 World Cup. Eusebio took Portugal to third place in the final tournament listed his name as well as the tournament's top scorer, so the right to bring home the gold shoes. Thanks to nine goals printed during the 1966 World Cup that also earned him the title of best player in the tournament.

Of course the best moments happened in the match against North Korea in the quarter-finals. Behind by three goals in advance, Portugal finally got through Eusebio scored four goals and eventually was able to win 5-3 in the final game.

"The World Cup 1966 is the highest point in my career. We may lose in the semi-finals, but football Portugal were the big winners, "said the legend.

10. Bobby Charlton (England)

Bobby Charlton is a true English knight. Maybe if Charlton had never existed, the UK will also never won any international tournament. Yes, the title of the 1966 World Cup which England won did not get out of the role of Bobby Charlton on the front lines.

With a height of only 173 cm, Charlton relies on pace to lead the British assault on the 1966 World Cup. Not only able to distribute the ball with incredible, Bobby Charlton has scored instincts were superb. Record of 49 goals in 105 appearances for England is still the record for most goals in the history of England, who could not even equaled by Gary Lineker though.

Charlton participated in four World Cups. Although not revealed at all in the 1958 World Cup, Bobby Charlton became England's foothold in the three subsequent World Cup. The climax of course when Charlton took England to win the World Cup in 1966. At that time the 28-year-old Charlton, golden age for a footballer.

In the final against Germany, Charlton has battled the young Beckenbauer, who eventually had to hand Sir Bobby. "England can beat us in 1966 by Charlton just a little better than me at the time," said the Emperor.
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