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Selasa, 25 September 2012

famous blog 2012

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famous blog in 2012

yeah .. Now I will give a reward for Bloggers
Indonesia, which at this point I will give you the knowledge
5 blogs hottest and best-terpendidik for us ....
Among other blog ...

This blog contains news, Software, Games, Tips & tricks, that was updated and
successful release. Although it is arguably a new blog, and the owner of this blog
he was still fairly young once ...
Can we peek his Facebook profile ... Jabbar Albarrensyah

2. Jabbar5chooL
This blog is the same as the owner of the blog owner STARSdotCOM. yes, the owner
ie Albarrensyah Jabbar. This blog is pretty cool to have a template ...
to design their own templates from the computer ...

3. Bagas31
Wow, This blog includes the best-selling category blog created by Indonesian youth
in duseluruh world. If our site, this blog is statistically highly
pegunjung be crowded. Things that are the hallmark of this blog is
Updates article was pure once.

4. DytoShare
This blog is the toughest rival Bagas31 blog, yupz indeed we see her blog
indeed it is almost the same as the blog Bagas, but the distinguishing feature of the
This blog is about all the templates that based on mature green.

5. HelmiXzz
Hehehe, ... do not run into that we admire our own blog. well,
nora and if we value our own blog ....
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